Make Your Social Media Support You

Social Media can make or break you… literally. Most of you, and by most I mean all of you, probably found your way to my blog by connecting with me via social media. Social media is also an avenue for you keep up with your family & friends, favorite celebrities, gossip columns, restaurants, and other bloggers. We all know how annoying it can get when bloggers are constantly saying “swipe up.” I don’t know why, but I always end up swiping and diving into a two-hour tailspin of online shopping. I just don’t want to miss out on something good.

I type all of this to highlight the importance of social media and how beneficial it can be for someone that is trying to live & maintain a healthy lifestyle. Social media has been a place for me to connect with old and new people to talk about our lives. How they are similar and different. How we can continue bettering ourselves while encouraging others to be better. I have made so many connections with people, other bloggers, and even social media influencers that are so popular they have no clue I exist. I love them all equally.

I recommend that each of you try to find some accounts on whatever outlet you choose that you can connect with and that encourage you. I have tagged some of my favorite accounts back on my Instagram page, so go check them out! The material they post aligns with my own values and motivations that I have for my own life. They focus on all different things; healthy lifestyles, clothing, yummy food, travel & living your best life. One thing that they all have in common in uplifting others with the influence that they have via social media.

While there are a million and one different accounts that are amazing and encouraging, there are quite a few that are the complete opposite. Do any of you have those types of accounts that you follow? The things that they post just bring you down or make you feel worse about yourself? Sometimes they aren’t even an influencer on social media, they are just someone from class or a crazy ex-friend from high school. A negative influence on social media can be many things. Maybe they constantly post actions and words that don’t line up with your beliefs. Maybe they constantly put down other bodies that are not the “ideal size.” Or maybe you simply don’t enjoy the content that they post.

I am giving you permission now to hit that unfollow button quicker than you can read this sentence.

There are so many negatives in life that we cannot control. Challenges that we have no choice but to face. What’s one area that we have complete control over? The accounts that we follow on social media. Just let those people go. They may never notice that you unfollowed them, but it will cause a shift within yourself. Our minds are extremely susceptible to crap and it can be hard for us to weed through what is good and bad. So we just soak it all in. If you only have the good in your feed – there is nothing to process except for goodness.

There is so much good out there so why even bother with the bad? Like I said, this is one of the only places where you really have control over the two. The term “healthy lifestyle” does not just apply to one area of the body. Your lifestyle choices are holistic and involve all of the mental and physical parts of our life. Make your next move towards a healthier lifestyle and let those negative people go (from your social media at least). You get to hand-select who is going to be a part of your support system, so who are you going to choose?



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