Back on Track

No one said that living a healthy lifestyle was easy. And if they did – they have lied to you. I am definitely willing to admit that it is probably harder for me than a lot of people. Once you live really unhealthily for some odd twenty-three years you start to get comfortable in the unhealthy. There is also a huge difference between living a healthy lifestyle and actively trying to lose weight.

At the beginning of the year when I set my yearly goals, I decided that I wanted to go from my current weight maintenance back into weight loss. So for the last few weeks I have been paying closer attention to what I’m eating and being more intentional about my workouts. But, something just wasn’t working. I wasn’t seeing the results that I have obviously seen in the past. And bam in about three weeks I got myself really frustrated.

Instead of letting myself be mad, I really thought back to the goals I have reached in the past. I realized one huge thing that I have been missing – structure. I have always been a person that does well with guidelines, balance, and a schedule.

I haven’t been using anything to track my food, I have just been listening to my body. And while that works really great for a lot of people (and myself when I am in maintenance mode), it does not work great for me if I am trying to lose.  I, conveniently, am able to forget if I slip up and eat five pieces of candy.

I am excited to say that I have decided to start back on Weight Watchers and track my points throughout the day instead of calories or using another app. I am comfortable with the program and have seen great results with it before, so it only made sense for me to begin the program again.

I am willing to add a shameless WW plug because the plan really has been so great for me. There are tons of foods that don’t have to be tracked like fruits & veggies, chicken, corn, beans, and more. It’s easy and I love the flexibility that it provides. I really don’t have to change much from the way that I eat now, but it helps to keep me on a leash (that I need). And as an added plus, it’s less than $20 a month. I know it seems crazy to some to pay for a weight loss aid/program. But, it really is an investment in your health. And if that investment is only gonna cost me a 20, I can probably handle it. I only utilize the WW app to track my food for the day. I don’t attend any meetings or use any additional supplements. It’s simple!

The Importance of Tracking

People reach out to me pretty frequently for tips & tricks and this is probably the easiest and one of the most important. You HAVE to know what you are putting in your body. And it is hard to remember all of the things that you have eaten in a day when you get to the end. It is even harder to remember when you get to Friday and you are trying to remember why you didn’t see any results that week.

You can choose whatever route you want. A hand-written journal, an app (like WW or MyFitnessPal, or just a note on your phone. Keeping a food diary is one of the oldest tricks in the book – because it works! You just want to ensure whatever avenue you are using is one that fits the lifestyle that you are trying to live. I would say that the typical is an app on your phone and there are literally millions of free ones available. If you are wanting to use an app with more features there are many available at a low price. Many of them even offer a workout component if you are wanting to track your fitness alongside your daily nutrition intake. Finding an app that is all-inclusive is important and much more user friendly! No one has the time (or space because you know phones gotta make life difficult in any way that they can) to open five different apps to track their day.

And while it seems silly, some way to track your progress/food/water is just another way to hold yourself accountable. I have literally not eaten something (that I knew I didn’t need to) because I didn’t want to have to put it down in my app. Track it all and you can really get a better glimpse where your health is! Be honest with yourself in your tracking and record all of it. Even if you eat 84 points/1750 cals worth of sour cream and onion cheddar ruffles (not that I am speaking from experience…….)

It’s fun to be able to track your progress. And it’s even more fun to track the great results that you are making. Here’s to being back on track and a plan that works for me!


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