Anyone ready for 2019 yet? How to Re-focus on 2018 before the year is up!

We have just about made it a month into the New Year. We have also made it about one month in to where people start giving up on their goals and chalking it up as a loss for the whole year. People… we have seriously got to stop doing this. You give up on something 23 days in when you have 342 more days to make it happen. One month in when you still have eleven more. But, I get it. Having a goal and going after it is hard. If it it was easy don’t you think we would all be visions of health and glamour by now with a million dollars sitting in the bank?

While we are talking about the physical calendar maybe it’s time that we stop focusing on it so much. As a society, we get so hung up on the day and month and I think that mindset is one huge thing that stands in our way of reaching our goals. For example, we all know that a diet can only start on Monday. If you slip up on a Monday or don’t go grocery shopping on Tuesday, we innately believe that you have to wait until the following week. Health on Tuesday is just pointless… right? Whenever you actually think about it, it’s kind of ridiculous.

Same goes for goals in the new year. “I ate like crap again all January, so I’m just gonna make 2019 my year.” Lying to yourself over and over continues to build a negative mindset within yourself. You’re just teaching yourself that you don’t have to follow-through with what you want.

Just a disclaimer… January has not been fabulous. I’m not even gonna pretend like it has just been a beautiful month and you are all way behind in the game because January has been less than kind to you. I had my wisdom teeth removed at the start of the year, got two dry sockets (can you say ouch?), and then a weird bought of the flu/crud. The water heater also decided one day that it wanted to start pouring water out into the kitchen. It just felt like one thing after another.

So, I get it. It’s a little funny and a little sad how much I get it. I get feeling like 2018 is already beating you up. I mean realistically, there’s nothing that we can do to stop it from kicking us up for the rest of the year. But, we can decide how we are going to react to it. Once you decide to overcome the calendar, and those thoughts that it’s too late to reach your goals, how do you refocus and finish out 2018 strong?


It’s so easy to get caught up at the beginning of the year. Everyone is hype and so motivated and you all start scratching down nine million goals in a frenzy. Chill. It’s okay to have a list of 25 goals or literally just one.

One of the best parts of focusing on goals well into the new year is that you have a little bit more time to really focus on what YOU want. When everyone starts making their resolution lists I feel like there are blurred lines and everyone ends up trying to do the same thing. Pick goals that you actually want to happen. It makes it a lot easier to go after something that you actually want. Sit down this week for 15-30 minutes alone and really think about goals and want you want to see out of the rest of the year. Focus on you and focus on where you want to be.


After your 30 minute personal goal-setting sesh, write them down. I’ve said it before, but I’m sure some of you just needed a second reminder to get those things down on paper (sarcasm). Having a visual guide to see your goals is just an added accountability factor. You don’t have to advertise them to everyone, but when you see it in ink it really does make you feel more accountable to following through with it. If a big display isn’t your thing, put them in a note on your phone. Take an extra 5 minutes to write down all of your goals and thoughts you had during your thinking session, that way it keeps you intentional while you are thinking and can keep your mind from wandering.

Forget the Calendar 

It really is time that we stop getting so hung up on the calendar. And time in general. If you decide one Friday afternoon that you’re ready to make a change, make the change. You don’t have to wait until Sunday to go to the grocery store. You can workout on Wednesday for the first time of the week, it doesn’t have to start on Monday. The cardio machines still turn on, on Tuesday afternoons. Stop focusing on the time that you didn’t do what you wanted, and focus on the time that you have left to make it happen.


Jump in. Sometimes that can be the hardest part. Come to terms with your goals, get comfortable with the decision that you’ve made, and just start.

The process isn’t always glamorous, but the results always are.

Fall Off 

It’s bound to happen at some point. Or at least I think it happens to everyone at some point? If you have never had a moment of doubt or fallen off the goal wagon, please teach me your ways because ya girl is not a pro.

It’s okay to fall off, whether that is intentional or not. Heck, I plan when I’m gonna be bad. I know weeks in advance that on the weekend on March 16th I’m gonna eat like a psycho and I can’t wait. Or sometimes, your fall off can be a really bad day where you get home and eat a whole bag of Doritos. It’s life. It happens. But, what you don’t get to do it fall off the wagon and start hating yourself or thinking that your progress isn’t valid or important. A mistake doesn’t define your journey and it’s not going to completely alter the progress that you’ve made. Just don’t let it turn into a long string of slip-ups.

Start Again

This is the most beautiful part of the journey to me. You have the ability to start over time and time again. There’s no need for defeat or discouragement, just a new found motivation and excitement for the journey ahead. Sometimes starting again isn’t fun. (Let’s be real, most of the time it’s not fun.) But, I have found that if I do what I know is right, regardless of if I want to or not, I have a new found appreciation for myself. It’s almost a sense of pride that develops knowing that you can do difficult things and you can do them well. Loving yourself enough to do it is so empowering. Even if you’d rather be eating a pint of ice cream.

I hope that 2018 has been really good to you, but if it hasn’t that’s okay too. Remember that life really is all about the way that you react to the things that are happening around you. Take your power to react and put it all into your fight to making your goals happen.


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