New Year, New Goals

I know everyone always says this, but I SWEAR it was just 2004 like five days ago. It blows my mind whenever I think about how fast times goes. I am a total sucker for a little bought of nostalgia and the first day of the year always has me feeling all warm and fuzzy.

2017 was a big year for me. There was a lot of heartache, disappointment, and let downs but that was all completely overshadowed by all of the love, success, and incredible moments. I cried a lot of tears and laughed a lot of laughs. I graduated with my Master’s degree. Got my first “big girl” job (that I love). Started a blog. Sang a large amount of karaoke and busted out many a dance move. I loved my people and they loved me back. And I focused a lot of time on keeping myself healthy and happy. Needless to say 2017 was good, but I’m ready to cruise right on into 2018.

In the past, I have always made New Year’s Resolutions but I just kept the list in my head. Mainly because I didn’t have to admit it to anyone if I slipped up or just all together dropped the ball. For example, I will now publicly admit that last year I planned to read a book each month and I managed to reach 30 pages of one book. Not my best.

This year, I wrote out a list of the goals that I have for the new year and I literally taped them to my bathroom wall. There was something so exciting to me about writing out the list. I could feel the opportunity and growth popping out of the page each time I wrote out a new goal. And I don’t want to rush anything, but I am already excited to get to the end of this year and see what all I was able to accomplish. Isn’t this a mindset that you want to have about the upcoming year? Instead of being encompassed by dread and already thinking about things that might go wrong, encompass your whole mind with things that you want to go right and the new year’s opportunities. Y’all know by now I am a big supporter of intentionality and this is no exception. You have to make intentional changes and choices to meet your goals.

In an attempt to be more transparent with you all and an added way to hold myself accountable, I want to share my goals for the upcoming year.

Goal 1: Lose 30 pounds 

  • I know that numbers aren’t everything. But, I think that this last stretch of loss will get me to a healthy weight for my height. (Those of you who don’t know me; I’m a few inches under the Jolly Green Giant).
  • Action to get there: I will be mindful of what I eat, 4 gym visits a week with one day added for yoga/deep stretching, 120-150 ounces of water a day.

Goal 2: Find Home Church 

  • I have lived in my current town for far too long to not have a church family and I am looking forward to finding a place that I really feel at home with. I’m looking for a church that has a choir and a larger number of people around my age.
  • Action to get there: I am going to start visiting a few churches. I have done some research on ones that I think will be a good fit, so I will be going to those in the coming weeks.

Goal 3: Daily Happiness List 

  • By nature, I am a not an overly joyous person. I mean I really have to dig deep to just be happy, happy, happy. But, I know that I live an incredibly happy life. I just want to be better able to reflect on those experiences at the end of the year. So, after I got sucked into a sappy Facebook video detailing another woman’s experience with happiness for a year, I have decided to follow her lead. I am going to write down a sentence or two each night about something that really made me happy/thankful that day. It can’t be “I am happy because I have a house,” it needs to be a dig-deep moment.
  • Action to get there: I am keeping a journal by my bed and each night I am going to write about my happy. This is going to be such an amazing list of memories to have at the end of the year. *cue tears*

Goal 4: Grow Blog Following 

  • I want to continue sharing good content that my followers think is interesting and finding new followers along that way that will let me be a part of their own journeys.
  • Action to get there: Continue weekly posts on blog, try to post on Instagram at least 4-5 times a week. Comment and create connections with other bloggers.

Goal 5: Financial Stability

  • I have said it once and I will say it again… It is hard out here for a young professional.
  • Action to get there: Stick to a firm budget that I make each month. Create a savings account and continue working on paying off student loans. It’s a marathon here, not a sprint.

Goal 6: Focus on You! 

  • I tend to get pretty caught up in what other people are doing. “Oh they’re not working out so I won’t go to the gym.” “So and so isn’t giving this project their all, so I can slow up a little bit.” “Everyone else is eating fast food, so I am going to do the same.” These are just minimal examples and I know that I need to overall focus on myself and the things that I want.
  • Action to get there: I plan to just be more mindful of myself in general. Focusing on my successes and goals without getting wrapped up in the things that are going on around me.

Feel free to share your lists with me! I love to knowing what you want out of the year and we can team up and continue to encourage each other to do great things.

I want to challenge you to make a physical list of your goals. Be intentional about the things that you want. Go out and get them instead of just being mad that you aren’t making progress. Because when you walk by and see that list everyday, you will be reminded why they mattered to you and why you wrote them down in the first place. Let’s make 2018 our year.


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  1. Elizabeth Harris

    So proud of you!! Btw, the Harris, Morris, Light families all follow the 80/20 rule. Live on 80 percent. Tithe 10 and Save 10. If you aren’t in a local church yet, donate the tithe part until you are. We have done this since we married and the girls started in college. If you never live above 80 percent you don’t miss it and your ability to give increases with time and money earned. Giving is one of the most freeing things and fun things to do in life!!

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