Where It All Begins

My name is October. I live in Tennessee and just graduated with my Master’s degree. I am a recovering Taco Bell addict and believer that Dr. Pepper cures all things. My dog is the best dog (and don’t try to tell me otherwise). I feel grateful every morning to wake up and live the life that I do. I’m excited to have you along for part of the ride!

In 2016, I promised myself that I was going to find my most happy and healthy self. I wasn’t sure in what capacity these things were going to come to me by, but that was part of the excitement. 

**Disclaimer: here we are a year later and I can promise you I still do not have a clue what I am doing or the real juicy meaning of life** 

But…what I can tell you is that I have learned a few BIG things and picked up a few tricks/secrets along the way that I would like to share with you.

So, what to expect? This blog will be a jumbled mix of weight loss advice/tips, life experiences, yummy food, laughable stories, and soul-warming music. 

My newest promise to myself is that I will be more vulnerable and authentic. As I sit here typing and watching The O.C. reruns, I can’t help but hope you join me on my newest and most exciting journey. There’s no better time to go out with the old, and “In With October.”



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  1. Jake West

    This is beautiful!! I’m so proud of who you are and your passion to follow your dream. It truly is an honor to know someone as strong and courageous as you to live the life you desperately desire. I’m excited for this journey and will be with you every step of the way! Love you Tobes

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