The Happiness List

A few months ago I made a “New Year” post to kick off 2018 and one message I tried to get across is that we need to try to avoid saying things like, “20** was the absolute worst year, ready for 20** so that I can enjoy my life…” Well *eye-roll* I might as well have put all of my own words in a frying pan and served those suckers up with a side of bacon. This year has been really difficult. Probably the toughest year that I have had in my adult life. It’s had a lot of beautiful and I’m so thankful for those moments, but shoot has it had it’s fair share of ugly.

I haven’t posted in a couple of months because I felt like the words that I had didn’t seem constructive. Didn’t seem like it would really be helpful to anyone. But, I’ve finally convinced myself that just isn’t true. My platform typically revolves around healthy-eating/fitness, but my life doesn’t revolve around that. So it’s been a little challenging as of late for me to find the balance between those two things. How am I going to write a post about a great arm workout when I did the arm workout and then went and ate copious amounts of chips & salsa afterwards? And that sucked the fun right out of posting. I took a little break and I think moving forward you’ll see all different kinds of posts here.

In the midst of a year that has really been beating me up – I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about happiness. Specifically what happiness looks like for people in their 20s-30s. Spoiler alert: it looks different for every one. But, that’s not the image that we get from social media or even many of the people that we interact with on a daily basis. Happiness has somehow become streamlined. I think we are constantly shown that there is only one way to arrive at happiness and if you aren’t doing those “happy” things then you shouldn’t be happy. Anyone else feel like they aren’t allowed to be happy with the place that they’re at?

For example: As a woman in my mid-twenties (I refuse to admit I am officially closer to 30 than 20…), I feel that there is an insane amount of pressure to get married. Yeah, I look forward to the day that I get to marry a man who is my soulmate. Am I there yet? No. And society is in this weird place right now where you’re more or less told that that’s not right. I’ll go on a limb and say that a majority of people would agree that marriage is one of those things on the “happy” list and you can’t ever truly be happy without that. And I just refuse to agree with that. Is it on my list? Hell yeah it is. But, it may not be on someone else’s. Marriage is an easy example because it is the one thing that we constantly hear about. But, it could easily be pressures within your job, with your friends, with your health. I mean how many times have we seen or heard that an overweight person shouldn’t be happy with their body?

We have to try to stop fitting everyone’s happiness in the same perfectly painted little box.

I write this to try and challenge you. (Come on now, first post back in a while and we all knew it would have a challenge included in here somewhere.) Start challenging that happiness, because I have had to start doing that for myself. I’m really trying to find what “happy” looks like for me. I one hundred percent believe that it is something that can & will change so you need to be willing to practice that happiness and find out what it looks like for you at any given time. And if at any point something stops making you happy let. it. go.

For the last two weeks I have not done a single thing that revolved around fitness. All I’ve been doing is fittin’ in copious amount of Mexican food and quite a few margaritas. And no I don’t mean like having fajitas and skipping sour cream… I am talking about cheese dip, chips, tortilla shells, more cheese dip. Chili’s. As many Reese’s cups as I can get my hands on. Plus my fair share of ice cream. It has been BAD. But I needed it. I needed to hang out with my friends after work and just be reckless with my diet. Because right then in the moment, that was making me happy.  Over the weekend though, I started realizing how crappy I felt. Like death warmed over because I don’t think I consumed anything green for the duration of fourteen days. So, I meal prepped for the week and will be back at the gym because that feels happy to me right now. I’m just trying to pay better attention to myself instead of constantly thinking about the “happiness” list that tells me I’ve still got a long ways to go until I reach my goals.

It’s time that we become more comfortable with having goals, but understanding while you are on the road to reaching them it’s okay to be content. Back to the ideals that are forced upon us… Just because you aren’t where you ultimately want to be doesn’t mean that you need to rob yourself of your happiness in the moment. This is something that I struggle with constantly and have to remind myself of pretty regularly. I know I’m not where I ultimately want to be, but I have to enjoy all of the things along the way. I don’t want to go into overdrive and miss everything because I can’t stop being obsessed with the future.

Happiness is hard to put your finger on because it’s not a concrete thing. It feels really concrete when you know you’re happy and it can feel like a sack of cinder blocks when you can feel that you’re not. So, how do we figure out what “happy” looks like for us? I don’t have a perfect answer for that. But, I’m really trying to figure it out for myself and I hope you’ll join me.



I Think I’ve Been Tired Since 2005

I know that I cannot be the only one that feels perpetually tired. And I’m not just talking about physical exhaustion. I mean, I wouldn’t complain about a daily nap time, but I’m gonna try not to get greedy here. Britney lost her marbles in 2007 so that’s got to mean that she was a little tired too. Let’s just never let ourselves get to the level of stressed and tired of 2007 Britney… deal?

Have you ever just felt like you can’t get rested? I feel that way sometimes and like every portion of my life is tired. Sometimes I even feel like I get to a place where my clothes are tired. They just look tired on my body. There’s really only one thing that you can do whenever you get to that point. You’ve got to go Grey’s Anatomy on yourself and “Charge to 200.”

In all seriousness, tired is not a fun place to be. And typically tired is accompanied by it’s best friends; stressed out and sad. If you aren’t realistic with yourself it is difficult to even come out of the “tired” place. You have to get in tune with your body enough to know that something is not right. That’s where Meredith Grey comes in, you’ve got to shock yourself back to life.

There’s a lot of different ways to get yourself back to a less sleepy version of you. The first one is pretty self explanatory. Assess your sleeping situation. Maybe you aren’t actually as burnt out as you feel, you literally just need to sleep more. Sleep HAS to be a priority. I know that is typically the first thing that people put off in a time of busy-ness, but you have to prioritize that and take care of yourself. Now – we’ve starting sleeping more and it’s still not getting any better? What do we do?

Coffee is not the perfect answer. I read an article on Instagram two years ago that talked about the benefits of water and how it can actually act as natural caffeine (I’m basically a nutritionist now lol). Your body cannot function on five cups of coffee before 7am alone. Be sure that you are getting the right amount of water daily. I’m not saying deprive yourself of it (because I know the way people feel about their coffee) just be sure that you are balancing it out with what your body really needs. I have a Diet Dr. Pepper every morning, and I don’t really have any plans to change that, so I am cautious to have at least over 100 ounces of water throughout the rest of the day.

Even though extra sleep, healthy foods, and a lot of water seem like the perfect potion to get you back from la la land… that’s not always the case. And that’s okay.

Start working towards a goal. Committing yourself to something or picking a new project can often help to jumpstart the tiredness that is taking over you. If a big goal/project stresses you out, pick something smaller. It can be something as simple as putting together a puzzle or decluttering that one corner of your room that has held the last three years worth of weird Christmas gifts. Or, if you are ready for a challenge, your goal can be a huge and exciting project that will take you years. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, your goal needs to work for you.

Treat yourself in a way that makes you feel loved. Getting to a place of self love is a difficult place to get to. But, it’s a place that you really need to be. And once you get there is it such a beautiful place to be. Feeling loved looks really different to each of us. Self love for me will ALWAYS involve a new outfit. I feel like my best self when I feel beautiful in the clothes that I am wearing. So, when my clothes start to feel tired and I feel like a need a boost, I go to Target. It is my therapy and a place where a lot of self love goes down. Self love for others looks like meditation, small groups at church, a run (teach me your ways), or bubble baths. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, just find your love.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel alive. Everyone always says that you shouldn’t put your worth in another person’s hands. I get that… but, have you ever been around someone who just makes you feel like a million bucks? I think I have to disagree with what the masses say on that one. Find a group of really genuine people that really have your best interests in mind and let them love on you. Sometimes when I feel my most tired, I just have to let my guard down and let the people in my life invest some time into me. It hasn’t failed me yet – I always come out of it feeling better and rejuvenated like I’ve just taken a big long nap.

It’s okay to ask for help. I don’t love having to ask for help, but I have learned enough about myself to know when I need to ask. Sometimes it’s as simple as a phone call (hey mom) or talking with your best friends. See above statement, surround yourself with those people. And sometimes you need to have a conversation with a professional. If the feeling of tired, exhausted, and sad never seem to leave you; it’s okay to speak with a counselor and get professional help. It’s a conversation between you and them and you don’t have to let the stigma keep you from getting what you need. Wouldn’t it be worth it if you could come out feeling more like yourself?

You have to keep working towards a balance in this thing called life and it’s not always an easy balance to find. When I find myself in the tired place, I start going through these steps and working on bringing myself back to life. There’s nothing wrong with being tired, but life is too good to stay there all the time.







Any one down for a road trip?

Y’all… When I say I love road trips I mean to tell you I really LOVE road trips. I love going on trips, exploring new places, and really just simply driving just to drive.

Except one thing happens to me as soon as I get in the car… regardless of what I’m doing or where I am going. I get RAVENOUS. I mean everyone knows that right before you head out on a road trip (for fun or work or when you’re just in a pinch and need a snack) that you have to first make a stop at the gas station to get snacks. I practice this almost religiously. It just doesn’t seem right if you aren’t kicking off a road trip with a fresh soda and a pack of candy.

I know that I cannot be alone here.

Throughout my travels and past, I have had to relearn how to navigate a gas station “snack run” to fit more to my healthy lifestyle. Because not stopping by a gas station is NOT an option. I repeat… not. gonna. happen.

Here’s a quick list of those essentials that I always grab when I’m getting ready to hit the road!

  1. Water (32 ounces): Water is always my first grab. I make myself get one and finish it before I get to where I am going as an extra challenge to get my water intake in for the day!
  2. Fresh Fruit or Veggies: I know, I know. This doesn’t quite add up to the enjoyment of Doritos and Skittles. But, I have realized that a lot of times, I am not actually wanting to eat bad, I just want to eat. Social eating. My friends are eating candy and I just want to be able to join in on the fun, whether I am eating candy or not!
  3. Diet Drinks: They’re not healthy (obviously). But, most of us – who aren’t robots –  aren’t able to embark on a road trip without a little bit of caffeine.
  4. Pretzels or air-popped popcorn: These are easy to find and give the grand illusion that you are chowing down on chips.
  5. Goldfish: Cheesy and they are baked.. It’s a yes for me.
  6. Baked Chips: Again, y’all know by now… I am only here for the chips.
  7. Beef Jerky: A great and quick source of protein that can help keep you full for the whole trip!
  8. Protein Bars: Relatively new to the gas station world and SO important. These help to keep you full and can also satisfy a lot of chocolate cravings. Just read the labels before you commit to one. Don’t eat something with a ton of sugar. Quest is always a brand that I feel comfortable sticking with.
  9. Nuts: Another great source of protein.
  10. Dark Chocolate: Lots of benefits come from dark chocolate, one of those being that it can quench that need for chocolate.
  11. Fun-flavored gum: There are tons of sugar-free chewing gum options that come in a variety of fun flavors! These can help kill the need for sugary candy and help to keep you on track.
  12. Smaller Packages: Something there isn’t going to be a healthy option, so you can always go with a smaller portion. Sometimes there are a ton of healthy options and you still just want the pack of Starbursts. Whichever is the case, you can always go with a smaller package. You don’t really need to buy the “King Size” even though your mind is telling you that. Maybe don’t purchase the Shareable size if you are only sharing between your own right and left hands.

Hopefully these give you some new suggestions next time you are about to head out on your next adventure!


How to Stay on Track After a Very Bad Day

It’s inevitable.. we are going to experience some bad days. We could all sit around and pretend that every day is just fabulous, but who is that really going to help? I think one of the most important things you can do on the road toward mental healthiness is acknowledging that some days are really going to suck.

As I sit down to write this, I am at the tail end of two really bad days. Nothing colossal has happened, they just haven’t been quite right. And what is the number one thing that I want to do? Go home, get in the bed, and eat some junk. Specifically Taco Bell, but we all knew that was coming, right?

I’ve been doing really good lately by staying on plan and fueling my body by working out, eating right, drinking water & getting good sleep. Why would I want to ruin all of that by going down a spiral because I’ve had a bad day. So… I began to think.. What can I do to keep myself from taking a bite into those nachos that I so desperately want? I’ve avoided the temptation before, so what kept me on track? I want to share some of those things with you so that hopefully on your next really bad day, you can stay on track too.

Remember Your Goals 

I am a firm believer in setting goals (if you couldn’t tell by my suggestions over the past few months). I think it is important to know your goals clearly and concisely, especially for a time like this. When you know what your goals are it is easy to look at the list and keep yourself accountable.

Remember Your Progress 

I think this is even easier that thinking about your goals. When you start to see progress it is easy to hang on to that success and keep that pushing your forward. Remember the progress that you have made and know that a bad day doesn’t rob you of that.

A Bad Day is Temporary 

And all the people said Amen! Thank goodness that the bad days always end. There is always a little sun light in the morning, even if the clouds fill back in at some point. Don’t wallow in the thoughts that the bad day won’t ever it, it always does. Binge–ing on bad food or treating yourself life crap has a more permanent affect.

How Many Situations Does Cheating Actually Help? 

I mean really… cheating on a diet plan or a person or a test. More times than not, it doesn’t end well for any parties involved. You end up getting hurt or hurting someone else.

Focus On Your Self Care 

Bad days are the perfect excuse to amp up your self care. Find out what works for you and really makes yourself feel pampered and spend a little extra time doing it in the evenings. I am a firm believer in the power of a good bubble bath. Some people go to the movies, or watch Netflix. It doesn’t matter what you do, it just needs to be something that recharges you mentally.

Move Your Body 

I know that the last thing you really want to do after a crappy day is work out (for the most part). I will say that some of my best workouts have been when I am angry, it’s just like taking pre-workout without the tingles and sped up heart rate. If you cannot physically muster the ability to go to the gym, at least get up and let your body move. Dance around. Do yoga. Go for a walk. Getting some endorphins pumping will dramatically alter your attitude and the way that you cope with the bad day. Food won’t fill the void, but your body pumping out endorphins can help fill all of those sad spots.

Find Other Ways to Treat Yourself 

I will admit that I have a pretty bad relationship with food. We are working on it together, but it’s definitely caused a little heartache in the past. I immediately want to self soothe any bad day with unruly amounts of food. In turn, it just makes me feel worse. Unhealthy habits are not the way to treat yourself. Find healthy habits and pour your energy into those at the end of a tough one.

Let it Go 

My girl Elsa said it best… sometimes the only thing that you can do is to let it go. Getting stuck and hung up on a bad day doesn’t hurt anyone but you. Go to sleep and wake up in the morning and speak life into your new day. There’s no promise in the morning if a day is going to be good or bad, but I can promise that the way you choose to handle and deal with it all will make a huge difference in your life.

I wish I could say that we won’t have any more bad days, but I can’t. I can say that there are better ways to deal with them. Don’t let one ruin your progress or make you think you can’t keep making moves in the right direction. We got this.



The Importance of Dating Yourself

Dating is a pretty big part of the world that we live in. Obviously. Everywhere you look there is a new celebrity couple or a couple sitting on the same side of a booth at a restaurant or maybe one of your close friends has a new bae. There’s not really any way to avoid it, even though most of us constantly joke about trying to avoid it at all costs.

I have (very) recently become a member of the dating world. I’ve been on some fun dates and some reallllllyyyy bad ones (hilarious stories available upon request). I don’t know why I decided to actively start trying to date people, I guess the time just seemed right. But, I have enjoyed getting to know new people and I feel more empowered through the whole process. I really think I’ve learned more about myself and what I am looking for in a future partner.

The process of dating is exhausting. Texting/chatting leads to phone calls that lead to an invite that leads to a drawn out process of getting ready that leads to an excruciatingly nerve-wracking car ride to meet someone over dinner for the first time. I’m exhausted just typing it all out. Putting detail into every brush of mascara and what shoes you are going to settle on. This whole shoe thing is even more of a hurdle if you are tall because God-forbid you show up and are taller than said person. So much effort is put into something that may turn out to be a lovely relationship or ends before you even get through the appetizer.

Can you imagine what our life would look like if we put that much effort into dating ourselves?

I started my job about 8-months ago and have spent a good portion of that on the road traveling.  After a few months, I really started to struggle. I felt like all of my friends were moving on with their lives while I was trapped alone in a hotel. So, after feeling sorry for myself for about three days. I decided I was going to date me. I mean if I’m going to date other people, I might as well date myself too, right? 

For the past few months, I have taken myself on a date every couple of weeks. I don’t broadcast it obviously, just like I don’t broadcast the dates that I go on with other people. I get ready, just like I would for a “real” date. It feels really good to take control of my time and intentionally invest it into myself. I’ve gone to dinner, museums, parks, and the movies. Alone. Dressed up. And what have I done? I’ve had a freaking blast.

What else has happened since I decided to date myself?

  • I’ve eaten a lot of good food and seen a lot of good movies. Best part of doing this alone? You never have to compromise on a meal or a movie. You’re the only one picking so you can do whatever you want.
  • I’ve learned to not take my time for granted with other people. I can be comfortable alone, but I also know how fun it is to be surrounded by people and to enjoy the conversation and fellowship. If you’re always surrounded by others, it’s hard to miss them.
  • I’ve met tons of new people. Most of the time at a restaurant, there are other people there that are alone and looking to make connections and friends. I’ve met so many strangers that were just looking to have a random conversation.
  • I’ve had a better mental head space. When I wasn’t taking the time to date myself, I felt alone all the time while I was traveling. But, once I started to think of it as an event, instead of just hanging out alone, it changed the way I felt mentally.
  • I’ve learned to be comfortable in silence. And it has taken some time to get used to – because ya girl loves to talk. There’s not exactly anyone to talk to when you are sitting at a dinner table alone. So, I got to know myself better and learn that silence isn’t awkward or sad. Through the whole process I have grown to respect the quiet and even look forward to it.
  • I’ve learned to love myself more. Making the decision that I deserved to go on dates and be treated good really helped me to love myself. Especially because I was the one doing the dating.

If you’re reading this and cringing at the thought of having to go out and do something on your own, I really want to challenge you to do it. Even if you just go and have a drink somewhere alone or go get ice cream by yourself for 30 minutes. Making the intentional decision to date yourself is one of the best that you can make. It’s helped me to grow as a person. It was a decision I made late one Wednesday night as I went to my first movie alone. The movie was great and I didn’t have to worry about a bad kiss afterwards. Win/win huh?

If there is one thing I will shout from the rooftops until I lose my voice is the importance of loving yourself and truly believing that you deserve that love. So put on your favorite outfit and take yourself out. You deserve it.



Make Your Social Media Support You

Social Media can make or break you… literally. Most of you, and by most I mean all of you, probably found your way to my blog by connecting with me via social media. Social media is also an avenue for you keep up with your family & friends, favorite celebrities, gossip columns, restaurants, and other bloggers. We all know how annoying it can get when bloggers are constantly saying “swipe up.” I don’t know why, but I always end up swiping and diving into a two-hour tailspin of online shopping. I just don’t want to miss out on something good.

I type all of this to highlight the importance of social media and how beneficial it can be for someone that is trying to live & maintain a healthy lifestyle. Social media has been a place for me to connect with old and new people to talk about our lives. How they are similar and different. How we can continue bettering ourselves while encouraging others to be better. I have made so many connections with people, other bloggers, and even social media influencers that are so popular they have no clue I exist. I love them all equally.

I recommend that each of you try to find some accounts on whatever outlet you choose that you can connect with and that encourage you. I have tagged some of my favorite accounts back on my Instagram page, so go check them out! The material they post aligns with my own values and motivations that I have for my own life. They focus on all different things; healthy lifestyles, clothing, yummy food, travel & living your best life. One thing that they all have in common in uplifting others with the influence that they have via social media.

While there are a million and one different accounts that are amazing and encouraging, there are quite a few that are the complete opposite. Do any of you have those types of accounts that you follow? The things that they post just bring you down or make you feel worse about yourself? Sometimes they aren’t even an influencer on social media, they are just someone from class or a crazy ex-friend from high school. A negative influence on social media can be many things. Maybe they constantly post actions and words that don’t line up with your beliefs. Maybe they constantly put down other bodies that are not the “ideal size.” Or maybe you simply don’t enjoy the content that they post.

I am giving you permission now to hit that unfollow button quicker than you can read this sentence.

There are so many negatives in life that we cannot control. Challenges that we have no choice but to face. What’s one area that we have complete control over? The accounts that we follow on social media. Just let those people go. They may never notice that you unfollowed them, but it will cause a shift within yourself. Our minds are extremely susceptible to crap and it can be hard for us to weed through what is good and bad. So we just soak it all in. If you only have the good in your feed – there is nothing to process except for goodness.

There is so much good out there so why even bother with the bad? Like I said, this is one of the only places where you really have control over the two. The term “healthy lifestyle” does not just apply to one area of the body. Your lifestyle choices are holistic and involve all of the mental and physical parts of our life. Make your next move towards a healthier lifestyle and let those negative people go (from your social media at least). You get to hand-select who is going to be a part of your support system, so who are you going to choose?



10 Ways to Create the Perfect Home Gym on a Budget

I enjoy variety. In every aspect of life… I like many different flavors of ice cream. I never discriminate with my tacos. But, you all know that by now… What’s another area of life that I like a wide range of possibilities and variety? With my workouts!

One of my favorite ways to work out is at home. I don’t do it often, but when I have the opportunity I can always squeeze in a great workout. Many people are afraid of working out at home and feel like they won’t be able to get in a good workout if they aren’t in the gym with a lot of equipment. Working out at home can be great for the seasoned fit person or can be great if you are just getting used to fitness and may have some nervousness about working out in front of others!

**Disclaimer: I did an arm workout one time with a glass container of pickles in one hand and a jar of peanut butter in the other and it worked surprisingly well. I’m a firm believer that peanut butter will never disappoint us.**

Getting in a good workout at home can be a challenge if you don’t have the right equipment to make it happen. I am going to make a list of the items that I like to use and link them below so that you can start building your own personal home gym. The items listed below are all focused on a budgeted-lifestyle. I’m doing the research for you to find the best products, all you have to do is spend the money. That’s the easy part…. right?

You don’t have to buy all of the items below to begin building your “perfect” home gym but they are all staple pieces to have at your house. Buy a bin or have a designated space where you can keep them all (you don’t have to have an entire room dedicated to it)! Don’t be afraid to move a couch to give yourself more room. Make your living space adaptable to a healthy lifestyle and get rid of those excuses!

  1. Yoga Mat
    • This doesn’t only have to be reserved for doing yoga for those of you who immediately wrote this one off. It can help to give you a non-slip space for HiiT workouts and ab circuits!
  2. Yoga Mat Cleaner
    • Pretty self explanatory here… Have you smelled a sweaty, musty yoga mat? You’ll thank me for this one. I promise.
  3. Resistance Bands
    • This is probably one of my favorite things! I bought myself a set of resistance bands that were un-looped and got a set of loops for Christmas and they have really changed the way that I do some of my favorite exercises. I keep a set in my gym bag to use while I am there too! I really recommend getting a set of these! Personally I prefer the looped version that I included in Option 1.
  4. Kettlebells
    • This is another really dynamic tool for getting in a good workout because they’re so versatile. For kettle bells, you are better off buying a set so you have some variety in your weights and can execute multiple different exercises. You can knock out abs, legs, booty, and arms just with this one thing!
  5. Sliders
    • I don’t have a set of these yet, but I want some so bad! These are great in homes that have carpet to give you the ability to slide easier to work on core exercises and glutes/legs. Here is a link to a video in case you aren’t sure what these are capable of doing! (Shoutout to Kelvin for the inso.. holy strong abs)
  6. Dumb bells
    • I don’t think you can actually have a home gym without a set of weights. Don’t feel like you have to buy an entire rack of weights to be able to work out at home. I only have one ten-pound set of weights and I have been able to make most exercises work. If they’re too heavy I just go back to my jar of peanut butter. Buy a set that you are comfortable with and then you can get more as you get more used to the weight. Weights are an at-home gym product that can get pretty pricey so I recommend starting with one set and working your way up!
  7. Step Up
    • This is not a necessity if you live in a home with steps! But, if not, having the ability to do some exercises incorporating a step can really help to increase the burn and get your heart rate up. If it’s cold, I use the fireplace stoop and when it’s warm I just use the outside porch steps! Here are some options if you don’t have that ability:
  8. Foam Roller
    • A foam roller can really help to make a difference when it comes to muscle health and reduction of soreness. It doesn’t feel like it’s working whenever you do it (ouch) but after you are finished there really is a relief down in the core of your muscles. You can find these just about anywhere these days including TJ Maxx. Incorporate a roller into deep stretching sessions or a yoga day.
  9. Fanny pack
    • At-home workouts are also a great excuse to get outside! If the weather is even slightly bearable I will try to do my cardio outdoors. Another perk of a yoga mat is having the ability to lay it in the driveway or grass and workout in nature. Worst part about working out outdoors… what are you supposed to do with all of your stuff? I bought one of these and I am obsessed with it because it’s the perfect size for all of my essentials but is still athletic and not bulky
  10. Speakers
    • One of my favorite parts about working out at home versus the gym is that I can blast my music instead of worrying with headphones. There’s just something fun about having the music blaring all around you… I’m sure my neighbors really love it too. I got a Google Home Mini for Christmas and it has a great sound and I don’t have to stop working out to ask her to change the song or make it louder.

Well there you have it.. 10 items that will forever change the way that you work out at home. You don’t need all of these things to have a great workout & and you definitely don’t have to buy them all at one time. Start slowly working your way up to having what you need. My first recommendation is buying a yoga mat, the resistance bands and a set of weights. With just those three items you can get in a full body workout without ever stepping out of your house. Fitness is all about making your lifestyle work for you and finding a sustainable way to do it. Happy shopping!


P.S. I don’t own anything or work with any of the links that I shared. I just kept my eye out for some discounts and shared some of the great products that have worked for me!